We are the leaders of the 21st-century education revolution.

We offer you a brighter future.

Our mission is to provide quality education to students of all ages using a nationwide e-learning infrastructure. Also, our professionals are prepared to produce a generation of patriots who are developed in morals, skills and knowledge.

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Welcome to the eLearningEthiopia. Our goal is to influence the direction of online education by offering a wide variety of courses and instructional strategies that meet the requirements of each and every student.



We offer courses that are helpful in the implementation of the new curriculum.

Code School

We offer different computer programming courses based on students' grade level.


The platform provides important supplementary resources for Ethiopian formal education.

Capacity building and Preparation


With the help of qualified experts, we will build students with skills and ethics.


We are committed to producing a competent generation using 21st century teaching methods.

Learning Management System

We offer a learning management system to facilitate the learning process.

Ermias Shashigo — Founder & CEO.

Ermias Shashigo is the founder and CEO of eLearning Ethiopia.

In the last 10 years, Mr. Ermias has been training many students to have information technology knowledge and skills. Using his accumulated knowledge and skills, he has contributed two books focused on information and communication technology for high school students (Marathon Information and Communication Technology for Grades 9–10 and Grades 11–12).

He was awarded a medal from the country's Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, for his contribution to modernizing the education process at the national level.

He is an inventor and entrepreneur who has registered various inventions in the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office and obtained a patent certificate. He established the Ethiopian Entrepreneurs Association to help the owners of entrepreneurs at the national level to achieve their common goals and ideas.